Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Tasmanian Devil lives at my house!

 I kid you not. My son Wesley is the Tasmanian devil...Everywhere he goes, everything he touches, he leaves a huge mess in his wake. Even standing still he can make a mess.

His room looks like a tornado hit it ( more than once) clothes everywhere, empty soda bottles on the shelves, garbage overflowing. I am tempted to leave it all, but then I can't imagine what kind of "critters" would decide to come feast in my home.

Connor is not so bad, but he exhibits the same similarities as Wesley. His room has the bottles, the laundry on the floor and the garbage overflowing. Why anyone can't think to empty the garbage pails is beyond me.

I had started literally following Wesley around picking up after him, but that got old very quickly. Now its going out privileges taken away if their rooms are not clean, laundry not put away and garbage pails not dumped. It works much better, and stops me from having to run around constantly.

Today however was a first even for Wesley. I got a brand new large capacity front loading, stainless steel LG washer and dryer delivered to the house THE DAY BEFORE. I had already done 5 loads with them and there were no incidents. One load of Wesley's jeans ( with a whole pack of chewing gum in the pocket) almost brought down both appliances. ONE DAY! The washer is fine, the dryer I needed to clean off with a Clorox wipe or two to get the dried on stains off ( The gum of course was the very red 5 fruit flavor kind with Shaun Whites name on it). It took me the better part of an hour to get it all off the sides, the inside of the drum, and the front glass.

Even if it still was under warranty, what do I say to Home Depot? ...Well, the Tasmanian Devil got to it of course!

Girls have got to be at least cleaner and neater...Don't they?

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