Monday, September 24, 2012


 I spent the better part of my weekend this weekend picking up, cleaning up, following up, and almost throwing up. Doing things that should have been taken care of by my the 3 men the first time around.

I decided that I am going to write down some "standard" questions they are going to need to ask themselves from now on. I am sure some men (mine included) will find these the "mystery of like" questions...

Here are a few I thought I would share, please email me some more 
( I know I will need them)!

1) How do you think your clothes get dry if you don't put them in the dryer?
2) Why can't you find your own stuff?
3) How will the dishes in your room get to the dishwasher?
4) How can you tell which clothes are dirty and which are clean?
5) Why don't you have any clean underwear?
6) Why can't you remember to do things that HAPPEN THE SAME TIME ?
7) How do you think the Tupperware gets from the counter to the cabinets?
8) Why aren't ANY of the household tools where they are supposed to be?
9) Why isn't the cordless drill ever charged when you need it?
10 ) Why do we have 10 of the same thing one day, then none the next?
11) Why isn't there any toilet paper upstairs in the bathroom?
12) Why don't you have any clean towels?
13) Where is your homework?
14) How does the counter get cleaned off after you have made a sandwich?
15) What happened to the money you had 2 days ago?
16) Why can you remember to get your car fixed, but not anything else (like inspected) ?
17) Why can't something get fixed the first time?
18) How can you leave things for later then forget about them?
19) Are you kidding me?

And the ultimate one:


I am interested in hearing yours...