Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Beware the word "WE"

"We" used to be such a great word. It signaled collaboration, togetherness, pairings, working side by side,  a spirit of 2 (or more).

Today, in my testosterone jungle, it really just means "me" in disguise. I know better than to use the word "we" in my house. I am very careful to use either I or me. Why? Because "we" has turned upside down and become "Me". My kids seem to know better. They use I or you. They very rarely use the word "we". There is hope for them yet!

My husband however is a different story.  I get statements like;  "we" have to... When he really just means that "I" have to. Me, not we, not him, just me. I try to turn this around on him all the time. I would say "we" need to clean the leaves up in the yard ( knowing full well that I am not out to do it.) Or, simple things like "we" need to get the oil changed in the cars, or "we" need to drop off the garbage. All the while really meaning that "he" needs to do it.

I am very sly sometimes too. I will even go so far as to start helping him with a job "we" start it,  and let him finish...A way to motivate him to start and finish the job. Otherwise, left up to him, he wouldn't have started it, or finished it. So I guess that is "we" at least in the beginning.

So, fair warning, beware the word "WE".

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