Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Men really are from Mars

It was a great book. "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus". It was one of the first times that you could read clearly why men and women were so different.  I am going to speak in generalities here ( because of course there are exceptions to these) but my contention is that men and women are just not meant to cohabitate.  Why you ask? Its not really a mystery. There are literally hundreds of reasons. Here are a few; Men are singular species, women are more pack type animals. Men think of themselves, women think of the "pack". Men are not nurturers, woman are. Men think simply, women, much more complex. Men could go days without worrying, women cannot. Men are basic in their needs, women are most certainly not.

Over the course of the next few postngs, I will give you some examples of my own experiences that prove the points I listed above.

Feel free to add you own as well it can be a fun discussion

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