Thursday, September 8, 2011

The lack of peripheral vision

I was thinking last nigh about what I was going to write today in the blog. As I was thinking about it, my youngest son yelled from downstairs "Mom, where are my football pants and pads?. It was like a gift from heaven, so I am writing away... My son, 12, knows to put his football stuff back in the same place every time so that we can always find it. The odd time that it actually gets washed (practice pants only once a week, game pants after each game) the pants and pads ( that go in the pants) are somewhere very near the washer or the dryer in the laundry room if they are NOT in the football bag. So here's my point; Men would rather ask first than look in the few conspicuous places that their stuff may be. I don't really know what it is, maybe laziness, or just plain stupidity.  But it drives me nuts. Case in point; football pants and pads. If they are NOT in the football bag, and HAPPENED to be washed (ie; the end of the week) THEN the pants and pads are SOMEWHERE in the laundry room (one of the smallest rooms in the house). So how do I overcome going crazy and screaming back when I get these dumb questions? My response was..."You have 2 guesses and places to look to find them, if you don't, you go to practice naked" That seemed to do it..

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  1. I love the options, it's amazing how quickly something can be found when naked is a possibility!!