Tuesday, January 24, 2012

If I had a dime for everytime I was left to do it myself....

 I would be very, very, rich. Maybe even Mitt Romney rich!

 I still find it amazing that men are adverse to work that may involve bettering the house, bettering the yard, or helping out with anything that doesn't directly pertain to them, or benefit them immediately.

Some of you may remember that pile of leaves that didn't make it out of my backyard (no one wanted to blow them to the front so the yard people could pick them up). The pile that is 3 feet high up against my back fence and gate? Well...It turns out that someone was coming to buy our old lawn tractor (I had listed it on Craigslist). In order to get it out of the backyard, we would need to move it out through the double gate...through the 3 feet of leaves IN FRONT off the gate, the leaves, which were now FROZEN to the ground. So, WHO do you think had to move it from the far backyard, through the 3 feet of frozen leaves on the ground, through the gate, over the entire front yard to the garage? ME OF COURSE! Why? Well, my husband had forgotten about the guy coming the night before and was mysteriously not around to help the day he was coming, that's why....

And, I had to clean the tractor off to make it look as presentable as possible so we could get it out of the backyard before the snow fell. Thank god the guy bought it! If I had to move it back to the far backyard, my husband would be living in the shed with his NEW lawn tractor his mother bought for him! The two of them would have been very happy together.

So, lets move on to the washer and dryer (I also listed on craigslist for sale). There was a guy coming to take them both away, but we had to move them into the garage temporarily so the new washer and dryer could be delivered ( There is NO WAY I could survive without a washer and dryer for more than 1 day) Who do you think moved the washer and dryer, cleaned up the laundry room, and directed the installers where to put the machines? I DID.. Yes, I DID move BOTH the washer and dryer myself to the garage ( no stairs were involved) as well as clean them off,  put the instruction books with them, and I even had the receipt back from 2004 to give them too (my husband can't find the W2 he just got in the mail!).

And people wonder why I need therapy! The only saving grace about all of this, is that I MAKE my sons help when they are around. Maybe when they get older, they will NOT follow in their old mans footsteps. I am trying, really I am....

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