Friday, May 18, 2012

Why can't I find...

These are CLEAN clothes.

Rather than put them away in drawers (which he has plenty of) or hang them up, they go in a pile on the floor next to the bed. They start out folded, but by the time he rifles through them the first morning, they are all in a big heap like the picture you see. After seeing this, I think will just stop doing laundry all together, after all, why bother?

On days where he is particularly bearish- you can hear him yell "Where are all my work shirts?" Well, this type of pile really would make me a bear too! In fact, as I went around the bed to pull the sheets back on the mattress this morning and make the bed, I tripped over this pile and yelled some profanities myself, putting me in a very bearish mood for the day today.

EEEWW- As my Aunt put it when she saw this picture I posted on facebook.

I tried to look up some articles on men and laundry to put them in here, but I only found one- And it asked for stories, that ironically no one had...In fact, I thought it was so funny I pasted the link here ( you will get a kick out of the picture and the plead for posts then underneath it says "no posts available". Now that should tell you something..

I honestly wonder what planet men really come from sometimes. My youngest son has the same bad habits with his laundry. Certainly NOT from the countless reminders I give him to put his laundry away. I don't understand how you could pull something out of a pile, wrinkled and full of dog hair, and put in on to wear for the day? I know that folding them and putting them away can be a hassle. But the hassle gets bigger and bigger the longer you wait and the higher the pile gets (trust me, I should know)!

Are men chronically messy or chronically lazy?  Today, I vote both...

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