Wednesday, December 7, 2011

When the tupperware spouts legs!

I've mentioned it before, but I am stuck on this- Why can't men finish anything? They unload the dishwasher, and I have to put the "last" of the things away. Mainly the tupperware sitting on the counter that will need to spout legs to crawl to the cabinets if I don't do it. Or, the leaves that are now sitting along the back fence, that need to be blown to the front to be picked up (you know that won't happen anytime soon) Those leaves are going to be there cone spring. So, we will have to burn them so they are out of the way of the fence gate so we can mow the lawn. You want to guess when that will happen? My guess is after the snow flies!

And then there is the laundry. They take their laundry into their rooms, but it NEVER gets puts away. My husband keeps his on the floor at the end of the bed, Connor will keep his on his papasan chair, Wesley will put his on the floor of his room. Doesn't ANYONE feel the need to put this stuff away? Apparently not!

So, lets move on to the garage. The NEW snowmobiles and my mother in laws stuff is on the left side, my car has room to go in on the right side (that was after a great battle with my husband on which car was actually going in the garage).  I was moving things around the other day ( so if they fell, they would not scratch my NEW car) and found some interesting things my husband didn't even realized we had there. His ski pants for one (why they were in the garage I have no idea) Or the 5 ( yes 5) coolers we have sitting on the ledge of the garage. At least 3 of them were broken, and I asked if I could throw them away and got the ultimate answer "Why are you going through stuff in the garage?" "Well", I said, I am trying to de-clutter so that I can avoid having things fall and scratch my NEW car." I should have said, "I am moving the junk to the other side so it can sit on top of your new snowmobile" that would have gotten his attention! And probably sonme things moved to the trash. But, as it was, I had to put it in the "throw away" pile.

And now on to actually doing some work at home. It's like pulling teeth to get ANY of them to do work at the house. My husband actually said to me "I don't have to" when I asked him what work he was planning to do at the house on a particular weekend. WHAT?? How did that happen? Do you live here too? Living here requires that ALL people in the house help- Not just me. That has been a very tough lesson to teach to any of these guys. I figures, like the tupperware, if I leave things where they put them, it might get clutter4ed enough at a later date for them to put stuff away (all the way away).

I think I am going top try a new tactic...If you were supposed to put it away and did not, it stays where it is.  PERIOD. In fact, I am going to take pictures of the counters daily to see how long it stays there. Stay tuned...

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